About Me


Hi, I’m Sunshine! 

I’m a married SAHM to one smart & loving son.  I swear he’s grown up so fast… He just graduated from high school, I still can’t believe it.  My husband is in the Army, working diligently towards retirement.  We have one very spoiled pet, Lucy… She’s a 15-year-old stray cat that found us one summer and decided to make her new home with us. She spends most of her days asleep at my feet and her nights playing with her toys… loudly (and in every room in the house).

I went to go back to school 3ish years ago.  I have since gotten an Associates of Science Degree in Networking.  I am currently taking a break from school but I was working towards my Bachelors in Information Security.  I’ve always been good with computers, so it is a career choice that makes the most sense.  Though the closer I got to the end, the more I yearned to be behind my camera.  So, I’m using my break to see what I can create out of my love for photography.  I’m still pretty lost lol.  

Over the years, Sunshine’s Snapshots has morphed from me talking about myself, my life, and my problems, to me posting photos as I slowly master the art of photography.  Now if only I could master the art of editing lol.  I like the direction that Sunshine’s Snapshots is headed, and from the looks of my traffic, so do you.  Anyway, what I’d like more than anything is to get to a place where I can start taking art (photography) classes to learn how to better harness the power of my camera.