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I haven’t updated here in quite some time. It’s for no other reason than I’ve gotten lazy lol. I’ve been doing most of my posting over on Instagram as of late. If the app for WordPress were more user friendly I’m sure I’d be more inclined to post here more regularly. At any rate…

The other day I posted on Instagram the new Greylags which have been hanging out at one of my favorite Pokemon Go spots. It’s a graveyard, to be honest. I like it because it’s quiet, there are 5 gyms, and 14 or 15 Pokestops. It’s almost like one stop shopping lol my only complaint is that nothing ever nests there… probably because of the massive size of the place.

A bit over a week ago, as I was trolling for raids to finish level 41 quests, I noticed that there were a new group of geese hanging out. They’re so pretty… probably because they’re new to me, but I still like them lol Meet the Greylag crew. This is the only group of Greylags I’ve seen there, as the place is typically overrun with Canadian Geese.

I realized when I was going through the day’s photos that I’m a little rusty lol. I haven’t been out with my camera all year due to the pandemic. I’ve mostly been home twiddling my thumbs, but I missed it. Felt good to be out with the camera, even if the photos were less than great. I have others though. I’ll probably post them over on Instagram at some point. Probably much sooner than they will show up here. That being said. I have a widget down on the right hand side for Instagram… if you want to keep up with my posts, you can add me through that widget. I’m @SunshinesSnapshots on Instagram. Hopefully that link works correctly and it takes you to Instagram.

I hope every one of you is healthy and happy, even if you are a little bored lol Stay safe!

Til next time…

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