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I go to Kinder Farm Park a couple of times a week when the weather is decent just to walk and clear my head. I like the animals, sort of reminds me of growing up in North Carolina.  We didn’t really have animals that weren’t pets, but my neighbors to one side had cows, the neighbors to the other side had horses, and the guy who owned the property (kind of) across the road from us had chickens and pigs.  Big change for a girl from NY, I tell ya lol.

The one thing we didn’t have in the neighborhood was goats.

I always visit the goat enclosure when I am at Kinder, well almost always, sometimes I am just there for a Raid lol.  This day I had my camera on me and I caught this sassy goat watching me, watching her (I assume).  The look on their face tickles me, and even that day as I stared through my lens at them I couldn’t help but smile.

What do you think of this particularly sassy goat?

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