Depression | Missing in Action

Sorry that I have been away.  To be honest, the weather in Maryland has been crappy for weeks and I haven’t been doing much other than errands and Pokemon.  I find when we get this much rain and dreary weather it exacerbates my depression, which causes me to lose interest in the things that I actually do love; like this blog and taking photos.  I haven’t been out with my camera since the weather turned yucky.  Which means I don’t have any new photos for you, but plenty of older stuff which you’ve never seen, so I guess technically it’s still new to you.

We’ve probably had 3 or 4 sunny days in the last month maybe… at least 3 weeks.  Feels like a lifetime at this point.  We got some sun Saturday, which felt amazing, but then 3 days of rain since… times like this I really miss Colorado.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of it when I lived there, the dry was devastating for my skin, which I could never keep moisturized, but I felt my best while living there, mentally.  300+ days of sunlight a year can do that for you I guess.  Weeks on end of cloudy, dreary weather are becoming a bit too much for me though.

I’ll try harder to stay on top of Sunshine’s Snapshots though.  I really do love posting my photography here. I know it isn’t much, but it does make me happy when I can bring myself to do it.  I hope all is well with each and every one of you.



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6 thoughts on “Depression | Missing in Action

  1. So here I am back in Southern California, walking The Holler, looking at all the plants I carefully planted years ago, dying from drought, and endless summer.
    I travel, and I am in places that rain and snow almost continuously, and I see the negative impact this has on the people who live there, and on me, when I am there too long.
    But, I love the rain because I so rarely see it, and all the creatures and plants here so desperately need it.
    I think, why can’t we bring this precious rain to The Holler, save the plants and trees and critters?
    Why can’t we move some of our sunshine to you?
    I guess the world does not revolve around us.


    1. Sometimes I wish we could bend the weather to what we desire it to be… I’d definitely blow some of this rain (and humidity) your way. Winters here are dreary then we had this horrible rainy weather which just sat over us for far too long. I definitely miss the high mountainous desert that is Colorado Springs. On a positive note, the sun is out today it’s cloudy but it’s burning through. That felt really nice to walk out into this morning. Thank you so much for your comment, it’s nice to felt understood. Have a wonderful day.


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