Alphabet with a Twist | Yellow Dahlia

Cee’s Alphabet with a Twist this week is an L with multiple syllables.  I love those big dinnerplate dahlias at Brookside.

That being said, for this shot at least, I preferred how the opening dahlia looked.  What do you think?

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13 thoughts on “Alphabet with a Twist | Yellow Dahlia

              1. yes, they’ve completely taken over my yard. It started with a small bit of vine along the back fence, I thought the little white flowers were pretty, so I left them alone. They sent seeds all over the place. Now they sprout constantly all over the yard. They get mowed over in the grass, so not a big problem. But they grow really fast all over the flowers and trees I have.

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                  1. I have no idea. My grass seems to be doing OK, it’s pretty thick. I suppose there might be some kind of specialized poison for this sort of thing. I’m not really that concerned about the lawn. It all gets mowed over anyway. I just pull the weeds out of the flower beds when I get around to it (when it cools down once or twice a year)

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