Thursday Doors | Ice House

Last summer I went on a tour of the Hampton Plantation.  Okay, so I really didn’t take the tour.  The tour was focused on the slave owners mansion and all the shiny bobbles within it.  I didn’t care so much about that.  I wanted to see the grounds.  So I left the waiting room in the mansion and struck out on my own.  One of the first buildings you come to, after you’ve seen the perfectly manicured grounds is the ice house.

This gate is part of the ice house at the Hampton Plantation.  Beyond this gate is a deep tunnel, I’ve no clue how deep it is.  The problem with a self guided tour is that you get very little information.  However, I never saw the tour leave the house so I assume that was its sole focus.

The ice house is one of the domestic outbuildings near to the main house used for… you guessed it, storing ice.  Ice from lakes, rivers, even snow were taken here, where it was insulated and stored.

So based on the size of the area I was in, compared to the area behind the gate, I assume that the ice was stored in that tunnel.  Even with the door to the ice house open, I remember it being nice and cool.  So I’d imagine closed and full of ice it would have been more than adequate at keeping the ice frozen.

I know this isn’t the traditional “Thursday Doors” post, but I’ve been sitting on these photos for about a year and I think it’s time I start to share them.  At any rate… a gate is a type of door, isn’t it?


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