Stop Nagging Me Woman!

I had set my clock for 5:30am in preparation for the 6:16am sunrise, watched one of the most beautiful sunrises I’d ever seen, and headed down the boardwalk in search of things to photograph.  I hadn’t pulled out my camera the whole time I’d been at the beach.  Mostly because there being so many people around made me nervous.  This morning there were few people up and mobile.

I was taking photos of the beach art… sculptures and what not.  I happened upon two birds.  They were funny, typical husband and wife.  She was nagging away, he would yell in response to all the nagging and  attempt to walk away, and she would respond by pecking at him.


They were a funny couple to say the least.  Does anyone know if gulls mate for life?  Because if they do, I am pretty sure he is looking to file for a separation by now.

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