First Day of College | Round 3

Today was my son’s first day of college.  As I previously wrote, he opted to go to community college for 2 years and his plan is to transfer to a 4 year after that.  He wanted to save money, but I have to say, this is a pretty expensive community college.  Anyway…

Apparently they didn’t do much for their first day, that I really expected for them to hit the ground running.  His first class is a tech class.  His professor was, his words “energetic and ready to start the day”.  He said he was more than happy to tell them all about him and he asked them about themselves.  He said the opposite side of the same dime was his English professor.  He said he pretty much said nothing, he didn’t introduce himself, he didn’t ask the students about themselves, and he didn’t look happy to be there.  He said that he pretty much sat silent the whole class and they talked amongst themselves.  That should be interesting.

I had a long talk with my son after his first day of college, he told me his plans.  He went to community college because it was cheaper.  Even though his education is paid for and we aren’t actually coming out of pocket for much other than books.  He wants to pay for his 4-year college on his own.  He said the education he gets will mean more to him if he is responsible for paying for it out of his own pocket.  I can’t argue with him there.  When you have to pay for it, you definitely want to do your best.  At least that has been my experience.  He has a lot of plans… big plans.  I wish my baby the best of luck.  He told me that he appreciated my help getting him set up and handling his paperwork, and he thanked me.  I told him “just because you’re 18 now and legally an adult, doesn’t mean I am done raising you yet.” In the age of the ungrateful brat, I am very grateful for my baby.  He is a great kid.  I have no idea where he came from lol

That is it.  Just wanted to let you in on my day.  It’s been a kinda long one and it is only 4pm.  I am off.  I still have some housework to do.  Have a great day!



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