Williams-Sonoma Professional Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pan Set | Product Review

I had always been a diehard Calphalon fan.  We had a full set of their nonstick (dishwasher safe) cookware plus some specialty pieces.  We also have a few of their electronic gadgets, i.e. toaster oven, waffle iron, etc.  However, I have been noticing that lately their quality and price aren’t quite equaling.  We’d had our set of cookware for about 4 years.  Though this set was dishwasher safe, we always hand washed them.  However, the coatings, both inside and outside, were wearing away at a rate that made me nervous about using them.  Well everything except for the stock pot anyway, which I still have, as well as some of their specialty cookware.  Mostly because these pots didn’t get nearly as much use as the rest of the set did on a day-to-day basis.

In September I made a decision.  It was time to scrap these near useless pots and pans and upgrade to stainless steel.  After a little research, and a perfectly timed sale at Williams-Sonoma, I decided to buy a set of Tri-Ply Stainless-Steel All-Clad cookware.  I have never been more happy with a set of cookware.  I even mastered making scrambled eggs without a non-stick pan.  William on the other hand did not master that skill.

So, I started researching non-stick pans.  I wanted ceramic but I’d read questionable things about the greenpan.  However, thanks to another perfectly timed sale at Williams-Sonoma, I discovered that they made a set of ceramic pots and pans.  I read through all of the reviews on the website and everyone seemed pleased with this set.  So earlier this year, March or April maybe, I decided to head to the mall and buy the ceramic fry pan set.


I went in store because yeah these pans were on sale, but I also get a military discount… so yeah.  When I bought this fry pan set they were on sale for about $79 + tax.  With my military discount and taxes I believe paid about $72 for them.  This pan set has a suggested retail price of $145 and are sold for $99.

Screenshot taken from the Williams-Sonoma website
Screenshot taken from the Williams-Sonoma website

Best Cookware Purchase EVER!

These pans are magnificent.  We use them almost daily, they save my stainless-steel pans from William, who hasn’t quite mastered not getting food stuck to the pans, and after all these months, they still look brand spanking new.  Except for the handles of course which have sustained a few scratches due to storing.


By the way, what you see in these pans aren’t stains, it is water.  I literally just washed these when I decided to do this review.  Anyway…

This set comes with a 9 1/2″ and an 11″ pan.  Though this pan requires little to no oil to cook food, depending on what I am cooking I may use a little butter or olive oil for flavor.  They heat up quickly, they are resistant to staining and warping, and I love them; not really a fact about the pan, but a fact nonetheless.  They are dishwasher safe, but I do not wash them in the dishwasher.  They clean up easily, with no scrubbing, food literally slips and slides around in these pans.  These pans come in a set, however there are other pans in the Professional Ceramic Nonstick line.  They’re nice and relatively lightweight and the handles are nice, thick, and easy to hold on to.

They come with a limited lifetime warranty, which protects you against manufacture defects, not user error.  If you would like to read more about these pans or the details of the warranty don’t hesitate to click the link I provided above.  They are not made in America but in France.  Some people care about these things, in this instance I did not.  I only included it because the day I went into the store to buy them some lady asked the staff where they were manufactured, the staff did not know.  I did, so I shared it with her.

Note:  I place one of these blue ‘dishcloth’ things in between my pans to keep them from getting scratched.  Every pan in my cabinet has one.  They are cheap and you can buy them at Big Lots, in case you were wondering.

I highly recommend these pans to anyone who is tired of throwing money away on traditional non-stick pans, anyone worried about future health risks associated with the use of traditional non-stick cookware, and anyone that isn’t proficient at cooking eggs in a stainless steel pan lol (just a little dig at my husband there).

If $99 for these pans is still a little more than you want to spend, Williams-Sonoma is always offering sales and discounts, so be patient.  Within the next week or two I’m sure they’ll be offering another 20% coupon code that can be used towards the purchase of these or any other pan within the ceramic set.

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