After Much Thought…

I’ve decided to abandon my Take Three Challenge.  I thought it would have gathered a little steam in the course of a month, but if anything it’s lost steam.  I went from 2 participants to 1.  Maybe next summer I’ll revisit it, but for now… it’s done.

It’s almost August.  Can you believe it?  What have you been up to this summer?


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6 thoughts on “After Much Thought…

    1. It’s hotter this summer than it has been in a while. If a mild winter means we have to deal with this type of heat in the summer… then I’ll have to learn to stop complaining about the cold lol.

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  1. I’m sorry I didn’t get focused enough to come check out your challenge. Keeping up with blogging has been a real struggle for me the past few months. I think Take Three is a great idea for a challenge and nice and easy to remember and to participate in. If and when you start it up again, I’m in!

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    1. Like I stated, I may revisit it next summer. However, I have 2 more weeks until school starts back up anyway, so knowing my focus will be split, I decided, for now at least, it wasn’t worth the continuous disappointment of not having any participation. Thanks for letting me know that you’ll be open to it if/when it starts back up again.

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