Cherry On Top | Pollinators

This weeks photo prompt is Cherry On Top.  When I go out with my camera, especially when my intention is to photograph flowers, my hope is that I will manage to grab a few photos of a few of the pollinators.  You know, bees, butterflies, etc.  I lucked up on my last trip to Brookside.


I caught a honey bee hard at work in a patch of coneflower.


I stalked and photographed a battered and beaten male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail in a patch of Zinnia.  And finally…


Just before I left, I stopped by a garden patch by the parking lot.  Where I was attempting to stalk an unwilling participant.  This humble little bumblebee.  As you can tell, he wanted no part of it.  Every photo is of its side or back lol.  After this photo I gave up and just took photos of the flowers.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this weeks photos nearly as much as I enjoyed taking them.  Have a great weekend!


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