Monday Morning Update

Last week was a busy one.  Luckily for me I wasn’t in school.  I’ve had a lot on my mind.  One of those things being, now that I have had some time down from school… I don’t want to go back.

Will I go back?  Yes.  When… that is the question.

As of right now the plan is to go back on August 14th.  The closer I get to that date, the less I want to do it.  My husband says he supports me either way.  If I want to withdraw and extend my leave he is all for it.  If I want to go back on August 14th, he’ll support my transition back to school.  I have almost a month to decide… I have a lot to consider.  But just thinking about going back is causing me a lot of anxiety.

Andre has been busy getting ready for school as well.  The problem with him is, his school is SLOW as hell when it comes to processing student aid.  Yesterday was the deadline for paying for Fall classes, which start next month, however they still hadn’t processed his paperwork as of Thursday of last week.  I don’t know where he stands right now.  He may or may not be starting classes on time.  I told him if for whatever reason he can’t start school in the Fall he has to work during the meantime.  He has orientation later today.  If he finds out that his aid packet still hasn’t been processed then he knows he will have to begin his job hunt.  He might not be in school, but he can’t just sit around the house either.  He needs to be productive.

My husband is currently out of town, TDY.  He will be back sometime this weekend.  It has been nice sleeping in the middle of the bed lol.  I’m almost sad that I’ll have to go back to sharing my bed again.  I really like sleeping alone.  Maybe it is time for a bed upgrade.  I think we need a king sized bed.  I was trying to wait until we found a home before I started buying new furniture, but I could really use a bigger bed.

I started a new photo challenge here on The Daily Blabber.  So far, it doesn’t appear to be a popular one.  This week will introduce week 4 of the challenge.  So that I have time to adjust, do you have any suggestions on what I should do to make this challenge more enticing to fellow photogs?  I thought it would be a good way to fill a gap one day out of the week.  For me Thursday is always a slow day as far as posts go.  I never know what to post.  I am trying to get away from these long wordy posts.  I know how I feel about long drawn out posts, I don’t want to be that person.  I like short and sweet, so I try to keep my posts that way.

Anyway, any suggestions about the challenge would be greatly appreciated.

That is it for now.  Today isn’t that busy, but I do have things that have to get done.



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2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Update

  1. We got a king size bed a few years back and it is wonderful! If it weren’t for snoring, it would be like sleeping alone. 🙂 I will come by to check out your photo challenge soon. I haven’t been able to keep up with any challenges lately but I’d like to get back to participating in a few.

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    1. Sounds like heaven. We had a king sized bed on our last trip out of town. Not only was it the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in, but it felt like I was sleeping alone. It was nice. As far as challenges go. There are a lot of them. I don’t always do the same ones every week.


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