Colorful | Sunrise

The Tuesday photo Challenge prompt for the week is Colorful.

I have a lot of color in my photos, but it took some hunting for me to find something I considered colorful.  Y’all have seen my beach sunrise photos, but what you don’t know is just how many I took.  I have used maybe a quarter of what I have taken.  So it’s back to the beach we go…


I am always amazed by the amount of color that’s presented in a sunrise.  The longer you watch the more the colors evolve.


Pinks and yellows turning to reds and oranges.


Until the sky erupts in fire in celebration of the start a new day.

Once I was curious about why we see the colors we do in the sky during sunrises and sunsets.  So I googled it… gotta love google.  It had something to do with the scattering of light due to molecules and small particles in the atmosphere.  The scattering of the light causes it to be seen at different wavelengths and this determines the color of the sky.  (The sheer amount of useless information that I retain always amazes me lol.)  At the end of the day, I really don’t think I care what causes this phenomenon twice a day, I am just grateful that it does.

Anyway… I hope you enjoyed my photos for this colorful challenge.


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18 thoughts on “Colorful | Sunrise

  1. Love this, thank you for sharing!! ❤
    I appreciate sunrise a lot. I’m a runner, and every once in a while, I’ll run in the early morning, and the sun rises as I run. You can imagine how beautiful that can be. And full of stillness.
    Anyway, blessings your way.

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    1. I could only imagine the peace you experience running at sunrise. I need to make more of an effort to get sunset photos because I’m rarely up at sunrise anymore lol.


  2. Your sunrise photos are beautiful! We have some great ones here, I think because we have a lot of dust in the air. It’s amazing to watch the changing colors, which happens in a matter of seconds sometimes. 🙂

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