Curve | DC Statue

This weeks photo prompt is Curve.  I’ve been waiting for months for an appropriate time to use this photo.


I took this on my last trip to Washington, DC.  We were walking back to the parking garage from the Washington Monument, and decided to walk down past the museums.  Museums I would have totally been open to going in, especially the Air and Space museum, but the pollen was getting to Andre and I thought it best to get him home to the Zyrtec that he neglected to take before we headed out.

As to this photo, I cannot for the life of me remember what it was in front of, but I was taken by the curves of it.  So I took a couple of photos.


This was the first photo I took.  I liked how harsh the edges of the buildings were in contrast to the curves of the statue.  Though the clouds at the top of the corner seen to soften them a tad.  I’m not so sure why I was so drawn to this statue, but I don’t regret taking the photos of it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this weeks submission.  Until tomorrow…


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          1. Not exactly. I have many thousands of photos in files on my laptop and (mostly) on discs as well. I also have a “hold” file for photos I especially like or think might be used in a challenge or on my blog.

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