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Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge word this week is Candid.  This spring my husband went with me to Brookside Gardens.  It was still kind of chilly, but I was on break from school and I wanted to go and walk around.  With camera in tow of course.  I had been by the pond stalking the geese when I turned around and saw this.


I seldom share my photos with my husband, honestly I think he could care less, so he has no idea that I took this.  I liked how he just stopped to take it all in.  I get few photos of him not smiling like a crazy person lol.  So I really like this one.  I hope you do to.

That’s it for today… BFN.

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9 thoughts on “Candid | Take It All In

    1. He probably was looking at the water and thinking about how much he missed the couch lol. He doesn’t mind going for a walk with me, but he doesn’t enjoy being out in the cold taking photos with me. I’m just glad he decided to come along.

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        1. Yeah, sounds just like my husband. I stop a lot to take photos, like you I’m sure. So when I take him with me, I try to stick to gardens that I know have a lot of places for him to sit.

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