So Friggin Frustrated | Any Suggestions

I pissed off my ‘Professor’ the first week of school.  More like within the first few days of the first week of this term.  He has been attacking my work ever since.  See, I called him Instructor.  It was a simple, honest mistake.  I’ve only had one other ‘Professor’ with Dr.  before his/her name.  They didn’t correct me when I referred to them as Instructor.  This guy went all the way left when I addressed him as such in my first correspondence with him.  I apologized, I forwarded the email to my advisor, I attempted to put it in my rearview.

In week 2 we had a discussion board.  I stayed up super late working on it, turned it in, and thought very little of it after that.  I turned it in the day before my son’s graduation.  It was due the day of his graduation.  I had my hands full, so I never even thought to check my OV score.  See, if your OV score is too high, a ‘Professor’ doesn’t have to accept your work.  This is what happened to me.  I scored a 39%, so last weeks assignment was not accepted.  I received a 0%.  I currently have a D+.  I am not amused by this.

I have sent numerous emails to my ‘Professor’ spanning the last couple of days ‘trying to explain’ myself.  Yes, he posted a comment on my assignment that said “You need to explain yourself”.  However, he has yet to respond to any of my emails.  It’s been about 2 days, tonight I’ll send another email.

I have NEVER gotten a D… well not since High School Geometry anyway.  I missed the first quarter of the year in the hospital and I was so terribly far behind when I did get to school that I couldn’t catch up.

I’m frustrated.  I don’t know what to do.  I don’t get D’s.  I’m doing my best and he has been shredding my project submissions every week, with my highest grade so far being an 85%.  I have to write a security policy this week.  I think I’ll write an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).  I can’t WAIT to see what he’ll do to it.  I’ve given up hopes of getting an A in this class.

I think I’ll take the next term/semester off.  I haven’t decided which.  But after this term, all the stuff going on in my personal life… I am overdue for a break.  I want to go away on vacation.  I want to put my feet in an ocean, I am not picky about which one, and forget that college is even an issue.

I swear if I weren’t so close to the finish line, I’d drop and say fuck it.  Yes, I am that frustrated.  No worries though, I am not a quitter.  I just need a break.

My hopes are that I’ll come back rested.  See my stress levels are so high that I’ve started breaking out in hives.  The itching and scratching are more maddening than the stress.  Damn, that reminds me… I’m out of hydrocortisone.

I need a break.  Hopefully my advisor will be okay with that… well she’ll have no choice really.  I’m doing it.

So how is your weekend going?  I hope it is a lot better than mines.


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2 thoughts on “So Friggin Frustrated | Any Suggestions

  1. When you need a break, you need a break. Obviously your body is screaming at your to do so now. Is there an advisor or mediator you can take this issue to at your college? It’s obvious that he has singled you out and decided to punish you. I know you work hard so it’s hard to believe that you can score so high on all your other classes and do so poorly in this one.

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    1. I forwarded the initial email to my advisor, and we discussed it. I also called her when he gave me the 0% she gave me some advice, which I took. But I haven’t heard boo out of him. I’ll call her again on Monday if I don’t hear from him by then.

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