Gift Arrival | Long Winded Update

Last week my son graduated from high school.  He did really well his senior year of high school and graduated with a 3.64 overall GPA.  All year he only made 2 C’s… like I said, very well.  Before senior year started we made a deal.  If he got all A’s, we’d sit and build a computer together.  If he got B’s or C’s I’d buy him a computer.  Technically building a gaming computer is cheaper than buying one.  However, he needed a more portable option for school, so I was relieved for the B’s & C’s.  My wallet wasn’t, because even though you don’t get paid for C’s, or A’s in classes like PE, you do get paid for A’s & B’s otherwise.  I think his least expensive report card to date was $80.  He got his last report card on Tuesday, and I owe him $100.


Anyway, as you can see by the photo above he received his graduation gift.  I haven’t seen him that happy in a while lol.  He initially set it up on my (as you can see) cluttered coffee table.  He is now upstairs in the ‘bat cave’ using my desk.  He was discovering new features on that laptop well into the night.  He was happy as, excuse the language, a pig in shit.  It comes with a back light, but he discovered about 8:30 how to change the color of the backlight from stock red to purple.  He also discovered that his new laptop has a touch screen… it was a great thing for me to watch.  He deserves it… and truth be told, I got a great deal on it.  I’ll give him the rest of the week to play and discover, next week I’ll do some software upgrades.

Our AC is currently under siege here in the apartment.  Over the weekend rain was dripping from the kitchen ceiling and through the light fixtures.  We soon discovered the source was the AC.  It was almost midnight on Saturday night, but we had to call maintenance to come and at least clean up the water.  About 1am they came in to fix it, discovered the drain pipe was completely clogged, and couldn’t do anything about it right then.  So I waited until Tuesday, called maintenance again, and they came in to fix it.  He unclogged the pipe (I think he may have cracked it though), he flung crude all over the room, ceiling and all.  I didn’t care, the AC wasn’t dripping (that I was aware of) and it was over.

It wasn’t over.

I went to pull the filter on June 1st and it was wet… I didn’t think much of it at the time, given the circumstances, and I moved on.  I was standing in the kitchen about 2ish o’clock.  I noticed bubbles under the paint on the ceiling.  I was like, was that there before?  Thinking it must have been and I’d over looked it I continued on making lunch.  I walked away and as I was walking through the area not 30 minutes later, I discovered it was, yet again, raining in my kitchen.  I turned off the AC and called maintenance again.  He came and I swear all he did was drain the water from the pan. Because not two hours later the pan was half full again.  I finally said fuck it, went to our storage unit, dug out our shop vac and came to clean up the water myself.  They need to fix this crap.

I placed a maintenance request online last night, so hopefully he’ll come in soon and do whatever he needs to do to fix the unit.  This is getting just a tad bit ridiculous.  Enough about that.

School is going okay.  I am only taking one class, Security Management.  We are in week 3.  I have a B+.  I’m not worried as of right now.  Apparently I forgot to cover a talk point on my first project so he docked me 20 points.  I am waiting for him to grade week 2, hopefully I did okay.

That’s it… this has been a very long post and I am going to cut you loose now.  I hope you have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you again tomorrow!



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      1. Coming up hot summer time, you need your A/C to work right! Ours went out a couple of years ago…liked to have burned up from it being so hot, before it got fixed. Don’t wish it on anyone!

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