Sharing My World | Life Changing

When do you feel most connected with others?

What daily habit would you like to introduce to your life?

I would like to reintroduce daily exercise to my life.  I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with everything going on these past few months and I can honestly say I haven’t been even doing my normal cardio anymore.  I have climbed up on the elliptical a few times, but not for as long as I used to.  I really need to get my life together and get back to that.

What one mini-little-adventure would you like to have in the coming week?

I’d like to find some downtime in this upcoming busy week to go out with my camera and decompress a bit.  However, with family in town and my son’s graduation being in the middle of the week, I doubt I’ll have time between that and school.

List things or events that changed your Life: It could be as simple as a book or meeting a certain person?

The birth of my son changed me and my priorities forever.  My husband’s affair was a pretty monumental event as well.  I’ll never again be who I was before I found out.  It took me a long time to rebuild myself and become who I am now.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I’m grateful that I got to see my sister last week… I was also pretty happy to see her leave.  I am (and in the same breath not) looking forward to my son’s graduation on Wednesday.  😦  I”m not ready, but he is beyond ready.  He really hates high school lol.  He’s convinced they haven’t taught him squat in 2 and a half years.  Other than an anatomy class that he failed, he’s done really good, especially this year.  I may need a Valium that day lol…

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4 thoughts on “Sharing My World | Life Changing

  1. It seems so hard to believe your son is graduating already, Didn’t I “meet” you when he was about 5 years old?
    I didn’t realize you talked about the affair online. Is this blog still closed to the general public? That is a life changing event for sure! You don’t think so at the time since it’s so devastating but it really makes you grow and re-think how you allow others to treat you.

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    1. About that, maybe a little younger… it seems like only yesterday lol. Yes I spoke about it online, my blog hasn’t been closed to the public in years. It’s not a secret. It is a part of me, whether I like it or not. I embraced it, shared it, in hopes I could help someone else through it, and let it go. I still speak of it from time to time because it formed the new and improved Sunshine. I agree, it does force you to reconsider who you allow people to treat you.

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    1. I am sure I will be. Lucky for me, I don’t have to let him go yet… he’s opted to stick around for a little longer and go to Community College and transfer to a 4 year college later. I can’t lie… I’m grateful for that decision.


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