Yep… Still Crazy Busy

This has been quite the busy weekend.  Aprill, my sister, and her family are in town.  This has been very disruptive to everyone’s sleep.  I was yawning yesterday by 5pm, but I didn’t get to sleep until almost 11pm and I crashed then.

This will be a busy couple of weeks.  Today I have to go get my military ID renewed… turns out it expired Friday.  I discovered this when I got to Bethesda on Saturday.  No worries, they are still technically good for 30 days.  I just want to get it done before I forget about it.

Tuesday morning I have an appointment with the allergist.  I need to request a change in allergy meds.  My Zyrtec isn’t working anymore.

School starts back up this week.  Technically it started yesterday.  I have to watch the class I missed yesterday morning, read my chapters, and have my discussion ready to go by Wednesday.  I must have my project proposal submitted to my instructor by then as well.

This is finals week for seniors.  Graduation practice starts on Thursday I believe (I need to look at the schedule).  Graduation is in just over a week.  My sister will be back for graduation… yeh.  Had I not wanted her here I wouldn’t have asked her.  However, I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t get a double dose of her.  See I asked her before she decided to tell me she was coming down this weekend for a visit.  I love her… but that is a lot of Aprill for one month lol.

Friday Andre, my son, has an appointment with the ENT specialist at Walter Reed.  This is why I was in Bethesda Saturday morning, I was scouting my route.  It’s technically only about a 30 minute drive, but during rush hour it’ll probably end up being more like an hour and a half.  So the plan is to leave at 7am and hopefully I’m early rather than late.  Fingers crossed.

It’s 8:40… things to do.  So I best get to it.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and I wish you a fantastic week.



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