Happy Thursday | Natural Hair Update

I know I have a small audience of naturally curly girls.  So I guess this one’s for you.  As you know I went natural just over 3 years ago.  At least I think it was 3 years ago… It couldn’t have been more though because I’m in my senior year of college and I stopped perming during my first year.  Hell I don’t know, maybe it is 4.  Anyway…

This week I straightened my hair with all intention of getting it cut.  That didn’t work out so well.  Because the woman who typically does my trims no longer works at the salon I go to.  I didn’t know this new person well enough to let her cut my hair.  I wish I hadn’t even let her trim it.  This is my hair before the trim.

I didn’t take an after… I asked her to trim it but make it even… it’s not even.  I’m still not satisfied in the least.  So I didn’t take an after.  Not like those above anyway.  Here is the after I took yesterday.


It’s blurry, but it is an iPhone photo in artificial light, so what can you expect.  As you can see, I’ve stopped dying my hair.  Last time I dyed my hair was in November.  I’m only 40 but I am going to embrace the gray.  I’m done coloring my hair.  If I happen to go back to Colorado, I’ll get it colored if I can get in to see my girl Katie… but otherwise… this is my new look lol.

I’ve been testing out hair styles for the summer.  I am thinking about becoming a straight (though not bone straight) natural for the summer.  I’ve never had any real issues with humidity.  So as long as my hair doesn’t get wet, I don’t have to worry about it reverting.  And John Frieda does wonders for frizz so… maybe?  I just have to figure out a heatless way of doing it.  Flat ironing my hair every week isn’t an option.

Anyway cosmetologists out there?  If I rolled it wet onto large rollers and let it air dry would I get something close to what I have going on in this photo?  I may have to test it out on my next wash day and see.

So that is all.  She trimmed off about 2″ of ends, which I guess is okay, so look at the top photo and subtract about 2″ from the bottom.  I really want my layers cut out… I guess I’ll have to wait until I find someone I trust (or maybe until I take a flight to Colorado) for that though.  That makes me sad.  So that is it for this.  I may write another post later for my non-curly followers lol.

Have a great day guys!


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7 thoughts on “Happy Thursday | Natural Hair Update

  1. Your hair looks really healthy. Good job! Straight for the summer without heat, huh? Probably the best way to do it is to let it air dry until it reaches the 80% dry point and then put it up onto large rollers. Roll tight and use a straightening serum. The anti frizz serum is a good idea too, just make sure you use items from the same line so that you know they work well together. If you’re using John Frieda then use their straightening serum too. Some hair products don’t play well with others, they end up giving you icky greasy hair. If in doubt call the 800# on the product package. I presume you deep condition often? Make sure you do it often in the summer if you’re in the sunshine.

    As for hairdressers that go missing, it’s a given considering the industry. Best advice, give them your personal phone number, twitter name, etc. on a piece of paper at the end of your service if you like them and ask them to PLEASE contact you if you they leave the salon so you can follow them. Jot down their full name too just in case they lose your contact information. Most stylists use social media making it easier to hunt them down.

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    1. Thanks Jan… it’s a lot of work to ignore your hair enough for it to stay healthy lol. No really I wash it twice a week, I deep condition once a week, I’m trying to keep it healthy. I just need to even it out a little.

      Thanks for the suggestions on how to get it straight for the summer without the heat. I’ll give it a try and see how it does. I like the John Frieda products, so next time I go to Target (or Ulta) I’ll look for the straightening serum.

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    1. Yeah, mines was the same. Right down the middle in the front. I would have been cool with it being gray down the middle, but it got greedy and spread to my temples lol. I don’t like having gray temples.

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  2. It sure is hard to find a hairdresser you like and know they will do it right. The last time I went, my usual person wasn’t in that day, so another did the color. It didn’t turn out right. I’ve thought about not coloring over the gray anymore, but then I look in the mirror! haha .. Wishing you a lovely weekend! 🙂

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