Dedicated Gardeners | #BrooksideGardens

This weeks photo prompt is Admiration.  After much thought and consideration, I couldn’t think of anyone I admire more than the people who keep my favorite escape fresh and new.

Moving to Maryland from Colorado meant giving up all of my favorite go to places to escape to with my camera.  Maryland, especially this area I am in, is very built up.  Leaving you few options of beauty in nature.  After months of searching I happened upon Brookside Gardens.  It is one of my favorite escapes from the day-to-day hustle and bustle.

This is a photo of one of the people who works tirelessly to redesign the flower beds on a seasonal basis.  I have a few photos of her in different areas of the gardens at different times of the year.  In this photo she just happened to be working in the conservatory, in preparation for the new butterfly exhibit that was opening later in the season.  I admire the gardeners, volunteers, or whatever they are that work at Brookside Gardens.  They keep that place in tip-top shape and the beds are different each season.  I am always amazed by the new additions.  This spring’s new addition was a giraffe.  No really!

Giraffe in a bed of tulips

I’m going to have to go by there late one evening, preferably on the weekend so I don’t have to worry about the dinner rush, and see it lit. Hopefully he is there throughout the growing season.  If not, I’ll be pretty sad.

This is the same area but I was facing a different direction.  The photo with the purple/blue hyacinths was taken this spring, the photo with the tulips was taken last spring.  I say all this to say, someone takes the time to dig out bulbs at the end of each growing season, to put in new bulbs or plantings for the next season.  This place is huge and the growing areas aren’t anything to sneeze at.  I admire their hard work and dedication.  I am also happy that they are willing to redesign these growing areas every season, because it makes each trip to the gardens a new experience.  I love this place!

And it seems the geese agree with me!

This is a lot more photos than I tend to share in one post, but I don’t think I could have expressed my true appreciation for this place or the people responsible for it with just one photo.  What do you think?

If you want to see more of Brookside Gardens, be sure to follow the tag below.  I’ve been posting photos of this place for a couple of years now.  You’ll find some pretty great landscape shots along the way.

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7 thoughts on “Dedicated Gardeners | #BrooksideGardens

    1. They are beautiful, these free little photos didn’t nearly show the beauty of this place, however, I’ve posted so many photos of Brookside over the last couple of years that I am sure you could click on the tag and find all of my past photos of it.

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      1. I’ll go do that soon. I love gardens — I’m from the gardening “capital” of Australia — the city of Toowoomba, well known for its beautiful parks and gardens. Has a Carnival of Flowers every spring (September).

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