Color My World | Shocking Pink

Today’s Crayola color is Shocking Pink.  The rhododendrons are in bloom and wouldn’t you know it… they are a good match for shocking pink.


Okay, well that is it for today.  I am going to catch another hour of sleep and then I have homework to do.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day.  If your Tuesday morning is anything like mines, do try to stay warm.


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I'm a Mother, a Military Wife, a Blogger, and an Amateur Photographer. I may wear many hats, but deep down I'm still me. If you need to contact me do so at:

6 thoughts on “Color My World | Shocking Pink

    1. Where is your neck of the woods? It was a warm winter here. It didn’t get cold until the big blizzard and it stayed cold for about a month before it warmed up again. We got lucky this year.


        1. Ahh, I understand now. Ours have been back and forth here in Maryland as well. It was so nice on Monday, I was out in short sleeves. But when I woke up on Tuesday it was 20 something degrees. Mother Nature is on one.


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