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That is exactly how I felt a couple of days ago, and still kinda do.  Like a dumbass.  Remember I was telling you about my migraines a week ago?  Well I think I may have discovered the root to that migraine.  As well as why I haven’t had a bad one in years until I had that one.  But first… the back story.

Whilst living in Colorado, I had an issue with vitamin deficiencies.  Vitamin D – They think because I was taking Nexium and Vitamin B12 – No clue why just that I was depleted.  I also needed Calcium because my levels were low, but not depleted like with the other two.  So after my rebuild period I started taking a Coral Calcium supplement that contained Vitamin D.  When I began taking a multi-vitamin a couple of years ago, I swapped my Coral Calcium for Calcium Citrate, even though it isn’t as well absorbed, because it didn’t contain the D.  A couple of weeks ago, I ran out and I hadn’t taken the time to go back by GNC to get more.  About a week after I ran out, the migraine started.

Over the weekend the migraine had begun returning.  I started looking for natural migraine remedies and ran across a couple of websites that suggested that Calcium could help with migraines and, for future reference, magnesium could help with tension headaches.  I said “it can’t be that simple.”  I went to GNC to restock on B12 and Calcium.  I took my first Calcium on Monday… within the day I felt better.  I haven’t taken a pain med or migraine pill since Sunday.  And as you know, it is now Thursday.

Could it really be that simple?  Calcium supplements to keep migraines at bay?  If so, that also means I’ve been unknowingly self-medicating for years.  That explains why I haven’t had a migraine in oh so long and why this one was such a doozy.  I’ll let you know if it happens to come back, but for now, I am operating under the assumption that I’m cured (however temporary that may be lol).

BTW, I take one – 1000mg Calcium, every other day since it is fat soluble and takes longer to leave the system.

That’s it!  I am about to create another post and then I’ll be off.  I have to add a supplement to last weeks research paper, which shouldn’t take too long since I am only required 350 more words.  However, if you don’t return, I hope you have a wonderful day!



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5 thoughts on “Sunshine’s Word of the Day | Dumbass

  1. I hope that’s the answer so you can go back to being migraine free! I’m having them again this week. I’m pretty sure mine are related to hormones. I think I might be starting the change because things are starting to get a little topsy turvy. Still, I’m going to take my calcium!


  2. This is so interesting! Now that I think back on it, I used to have really bad headaches all the time, but after taking calcium, I haven’t had very many at all, for years. I have to tell my daughters about this. Maybe it will help them, too! Thanks for sharing the information!

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