Your Response is Requested

Yesterday my first paper of the new term was due.  I drug my feet and drug my feet on that paper.  I wasn’t procrastinating because I wanted to, but because I was trying to come up with a platform that made sense.  What was the topic of my paper?  How to improve race relations in America.  I very heavy first paper for my Sociology class.  The argument that I eventually came up with and provided justification for may not make my professor happy.

Another thing that won’t make them happy is the fact that I was a half a page short of my length requirement, but I literally turned in my paper with 4 minutes to spare.

Race relations is a hot button issue, politically.  I pretty much went at race relations via the Majority/Minority group route.  Depending on my professors stance that could cost me some pretty major points.  Or maybe it could gain me some.  Who knows.  But I know that not meeting the length requirement will cost me points.  Taking the length requirement into account, I think I turned in a solid B paper.  I have to do better next time.  I just really hate writing politically charged papers.  I hate politics in general.  But that isn’t going to stop me from asking you the following question.

What do you think can be done to improve race relations in America?  

I really want to know what or I wouldn’t be asking.  My only request is that you be respectful of other’s stance on the subject matter.  (no calling people names or insulting them because they feel differently than you)  Okay, so what do you think?

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8 thoughts on “Your Response is Requested

  1. I think parents need to do a better job of raising their children to be more accepting of people from different races. I know this is impossible but I think we need to diversify communities that way people can interact daily with others of a different race.

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      1. I understand that but why do they not believe in true equality? They were raised poorly and cannot be saved. I don’t expect to raise adults but hopefully the youth can be saved.

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        1. When you are a member of the majority group, your definition of equality is a little different than the minority groups definition. With true equality everyone is truly treated and seen equally. But equality the way it is, I still get followed by random cops even when I haven’t done anything wrong. (Like the cop that picked me up coming down #1 and decided to follow me to the post office where he never got out of his car and then left when I left)

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