Vibrancy – Poinsettia

This weeks photo prompt is Vibrant.

When I think vibrant, I think of deep oranges, reds, and pinks… fiery colors.  Unfortunately for me, those tend to be the first photos I post.  I am love rich vibrant photos.  Fortunately for you, I have a stash of photos I took just after the new years.  I hadn’t posted much from that batch because they were Christmas themed, and well Christmas is long over.  However, for this prompt, I will share one.


I took this at Rawlings Conservatory in Baltimore, Md before the festival of poinsettia (or whatever they called it) was over.  There were poinsettia colors there I don’t believe I’d ever seen.  They were all pretty, and for sale.  Not that I bought any.  Aren’t they beautiful though?

That’s it for me… I hope you are having a wonderful day.  Let me know what you thought of today’s photo… post a comment below!


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