A Not So Silent Sunday

Today has been a good day!  The sun is out!  The air is warming (ever so slightly).  And I was able to walk out of my building and take a nice deep first breath of fresh air.  Yep, so far so good.

I woke up at about 8am today.  I peeped out the blind and saw the sun shining in that way she does after a bad storm.  It was so bright I had to blink a few times until my eyes adjusted.  I immediately put on some clothes, put on my happy pair of snow boots that have been patiently waiting for me by the door, and headed out to see the snow for myself.  The first thing I did was look at my car to see what I had ahead of me.


Not bad… on this side anyway.  Then I walked to the top of the lot to have a little look at the overall damage of this blizzard.  Keep in mind the plows haven’t been through yet, the maintenance guys are trying to get up some of this snow with their bobcats.  I’ll circle back around to that in a minute.


It’s safe to say I won’t be taking any shortcuts across the parking lot for a long while.


BTW, these are iPhone photos.  Anyway… I went back in the building and opened my garage door.  This is what I saw.


Not bad right?  Give it a minute.


I dug out the low side first, I really hope my #9 neighbor isn’t inside her garage, because if she is, she isn’t leaving for a while.  After I cleared the north side of my car and the bobcat guy came and helped me knock down the wall of snow behind my car.  Once I finished shoveling behind my car I was able to move it out so that I could get to the other side of the car.


This is the after.  My space is cleaned.  I turned my car because it’ll be easier to drive over than back over any snow that the plow inevitably dumps in my path.  I also parked closer to the north side to allow “Navy” (my #11 neighbor who is in the Navy) to dig out his car.  I would have shoveled past the line on my space and helped him out a bit, but I hurt my wrist and needed to stop.  I did up to the line on both sides though and I am proud of that accomplishment.  I have NEVER shoveled this much snow before.

I watched the news before I headed out this morning.  It says we got almost 30″ of snow over the last couple of days.  The snow plows are trying to do the roads, but they are telling everyone, if you don’t have snow tires or chains, stay indoors.  You don’t have to tell me twice.  I may call to see if the grocery store is open, but I doubt it sincerely.  If they are though, I may walk over and pick up a few things.  Once I defrost anyway lol.  I was warm when I first finished but after sitting here for a while I’ve begun to shiver.  So I won’t be going back out for a while.

I hope wherever you are, you are staying nice and warm.



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