The Last Semester of the Year is Complete

I’ve done a lot of bitching, moaning, and complaining these last 5 1/2 weeks, but in the end I’ve done a better job that I had anticipated, grade wise anyway.

Ethics was easy, mostly because all of our core assignments came out of one chapter.  So I had very little reading to do.  A lot of research, but little textbook reading.  So that was nice.  The teacher was thorough and provided us with a lot of links to get us through the assignments with less muss and fuss.  I swear she did half of the footwork for each assignment.  It was a nice alternative to my other class.  It actually made my life a lot easier in that aspect.  My final grade for Introduction to Ethics was 100%.

Systems Analysis, Design and Integration was a pain in my ass from the beginning.  We didn’t have the interactive nodes that we normally do.  So it was my old school all over again.  A lot of reading and very little help from the instructor.  He held a class every week; a class which week one he didn’t show up to and posted a lesson really late in the week, arrived late to every other live lesson, and literally just read to us the whole time.  There was no exchange of information, no discussions.  He’d have a slide full of information which loosely related to the weeks assignments and he’d literally read them to us.  I can read, I need instruction.  I need an interactive element, that is the whole reason why I switched schools, so that I could be taught.  Nope, I didn’t even bother going to the last two weeks classes.  I even stopped reading my book which didn’t help me as much as I would hope it would.  It read like an instruction manual.  A very technical one.  One that didn’t give actual instruction on the weeks works, just the topic of systems analysis in general.

I relied on YouTube and outside websites for help in my last two weeks.  Week 4 was all research about insourcing and outsourcing software development, so I didn’t need the instructor for that.  It was an easy assignment.  Week 5 was a work breakdown structure (WBS) for all the info I’d collected over the past 4 weekly assignments.  A pretty easy assignment but apparently I missed an aspect.  So I got a 92% on my final and a 97.62% overall.  I can live with that.  I hate that I feel like I really didn’t learn anything though.  Usually I finish a class with a sense of accomplishment, I don’t feel that this time.  I feel like a failure, an embarrassment.  I took a class and came away with nothing.  I hate that.

Next semester, first term, I have Introduction to Project Management and Structured Query Language for Data Management.  I’m looking forward to SQL.  I wanted to take it at my old school, but they wouldn’t let me.  I wish they had though, I could have used it when I took Database Management.  Cross your fingers that I get a better instructor for Project Management than I got when I took Systems Analysis.  It’s a heavy class to take in 5 1/2 weeks.

So that is it!  I still have a 4.0 GPA and you’re all caught up on my school progress.  May 2016 bring less frustration and more focus to my school life.

Jeez, hard to believe that another year is almost over… where does the time go?


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6 thoughts on “The Last Semester of the Year is Complete

    1. I know it doesn’t sound like I’m a failure, but I feel like one nonetheless. And I do agree that the failure should fall on the teacher because he sucked (for lack of a better word lol). But I am responsible for me at the end of the day, and I did the best I could under the circumstances, but I still feel like I feel short of the grade I got. I still don’t feel like I deserved it.


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