Into the Night

Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?

I am such the night owl.  If I had my way I wouldn’t even lay down until 2am.

My level of productivity usually depends on how much sleep I’ve had.  Whether I’ve had 2 hours of sleep or 10, every day about 6pm I get a super boost of energy.  This is not dependent on me eating either.  I get energized and super focused and anything that I’ve been putting off all day I suddenly can knock out in no time.

I am most productive between the hours of 6 and 10 pm.  But I find I do my best work (like deep cleaning) early in the morning when my son is out of the house.  I can focus on what needs to be done and not have to worry about him following me around talking.  I love my son, but he doesn’t care that I am doing something, if he wants to say something he’s gonna say it until you hear him lol.

So… night owl?  Early bird?  Which are you?

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13 thoughts on “Into the Night

  1. I think I’m naturally a night owl. When the kids have no school and I have no schedule, my bed time gets later and later. Sleeping midnight to 8 a.m. seems to be my natural schedule. But, I love morning so I feel like I’ve missed the best part of the day if I sleep in past 7:00. Since afternoon is my least favorite time of day, I would probably do well in a siesta culture!

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    1. I can agree to that, when my son is out of school, my sleep schedule is something along the lines of 2 am to 9 am. Sometimes 10 on Sunday. I have no problem sleeping in… but not past 10am. Like I said, night owl lol. However when my son is in school I start trying to force myself to sleep starting about 10pm. Usually doesn’t work, so typically I sleep midnightish to 6:15am. I am looking forward to sleeping late next week once my son is out of school. Do you know they go to school here clear up to Christmas Eve? Ridiculous.


  2. I’m an early bird. Have to be since I get up at 2am.
    I must have become one when I was young. My mom would keep the house at 62 degrees and then turn the heat off at night. I had to move pretty fast in the mornings to warm up! So I woke up pretty fast! Lol


    1. Even as a kid I liked to go to bed late and wake up late lol. You know, this year has been so mild that I haven’t actually turned on (and left on) the heat yet. I’m very happy about that lol. We typically keep the heat at 65° once it is on though.


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