Throwback Thursday – Baby Me


Wasn’t I cute?  🙂  Man that was a long time ago.  The Bronx was filthy… ewww.  (anyone got a broom?)


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24 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Baby Me

              1. LOL! No, I’m in Council Bluffs, Iowa. EIEIO! It was from the good ole internet that I found how filthy Chins is the same with Indonesia! The river of theirs just full of trash that you can’t see the water!

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                    1. Yes, because they are storing so much water in one area and now they are building the hall colander thing? Damn the spell check not fixing it! It’s the same one Sweden got but theirs going to be much bigger. I no likey!

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          1. That’s awful. Mine used to be debilitating like that too. Luckily, they’ve become more mild but they still get old after weeks of having them. Enjoy your classes! Or, at least stay awake. 🙂

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            1. You know what? I was just thinking… could it be something environmental or maybe something you’ve eaten that is causing your migraines? I know my migraines are exacerbated by eating dairy (I’m allergic). Try to start being more aware of what you have done or been exposed to about the time you migraines started.


              1. I’m worried that it might be our new carpet. I was okay with it the first week or so, but I kept the windows cracked open the first week or two. I’ll try keeping the windows open again to see if it helps. I also bought some Butterbur today, which I used to take. It works pretty well at preventing migraines.

                Sorry to hear about your dairy allergy. It’s so hard when you’re allergic to ingredients that are in everything. I just found out I’m allergic to eggs, soy and cane sugar (among other things) and it’s really hard to find things to eat. I’m craving Christmas flavors and everything has eggs or soy and is loaded with sugar.

                Now that you’ve got me thinking about food allergies, it just occurred to me that I stopped having migraines around the time I cut corn out of my diet. I wonder if I’ve eaten something with corn in it. I didn’t test positive for it on my allergy test but I definitely have some kind of sensitivity to it. Thank you!

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