26 thoughts on “Eye Spy

  1. Sorry I cant seem to reply to your comments on my blog so … I like the 6d, you are right that it is SO much lighter than any of the other models but its darkness capacity is incredible.. I tried the d600 some time back and also liked it – 6d was just the cheaper alternative. And I have a 500mm lens that is SO heavy…

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    1. I think I am used to the weight of my Nikon. My go to lens is an 18 – 300mm. I love the weight of it. But that was the first thing I noticed when I got the canon. The weight. The lenses are skinnier too. I’ve been shopping around for a new body. Nikon of course lol. I would like one with more features… one that takes better night shots.

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            1. I could see me spending a couple grand on a body if that was my career choice. I do photography for my own enjoyment. Maybe in my next phase of life it will be a career choice but I’m not there yet lol. I was drooling over the Nikon DF this morning. $2700+. I don’t think I could see myself spending that kind of money, even if I had it to throw away.

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              1. Ah I agree it’s just a way of capturing experiences for me… As my blog shows I am an avid traveller and love the experiences and stories they allow. Please feel free to check some out if love to hear your feedback from another photo enthusiast.

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