Good Morning – Target

Have you ever had one of those weeks/months where no matter how much you do you are always behind? That is how I feel right now.  Yesterday… YESTERDAY! I finally wrote my last paper for week 2.  Yesterday was also the first day of week 3.  I am drowning over here.  At least I’ve turned in almost all of my work on time.  (except my discussion went up late for systems analysis).

I spent most of my evening trying to shake my Target app into submission.  It never submitted.  I never got to place my order, so this morning, after taking Andre to an Ophthalmology appointment and dropping him off at school, I went to Target.  The app was slightly less frustrating.  The computers were slowly crashing in Target… one check-out at a time.  I was stuck in a check out that couldn’t run payments.  I wanted to use my gift card, couldn’t… kept saying there was no balance, even though I know it has never been used.  Then I went to use my Target Redcard, with no success.  So much for my 5% discount.  Then I decided I’ll just use my bank card.  Nope!  “Please call card issuer.”  I just used that card at the gas station. It’s not the card.  So I had to dig through my wallet for the dreaded credit card.  I broke it up, swiped and I was finally free to pay and leave.  I got a $5 discount for my troubles.  That was nice at least.

Target is slowly imploding.  If you have to go, be prepared.  It can’t be just my store having issues.  Felt more like a network issue.  Seems Black Friday overwhelmed their servers and they haven’t rebounded yet.

Anybody want a cat?  She’s free to a good home!

If she wakes me up one more time playing with toys I’m going to have to start closing my door at night.  I hate to sleep with the door closed, but she’s leaving me no other choice.  I’m exhausted and she is still beating this mouse into submission.  Wait…. looks like she’s lost it under the nightstand and is settling in for a nap.

Okay, so how are you doing this fine Tuesday?


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5 thoughts on “Good Morning – Target

  1. Sorry to hear you’re feeling like you’re behind on everything. It’s an unpleasant feeling, one that I’ve lived with for many years now. I just can’t ever seem to get myself going enough to catch up on everything. You got your paper done though, so celebrate that success!

    Thanks for the warning about Target! The way I’m feeling today, it’s unlikely that I will like shopping this week but it’s good to know where to avoid in case I do.

    Have a great day!

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  2. It’s my 50th birthday today and I’m sitting here at work with a knee brace on impatiently waiting for a phone call with X-ray results from yesterday. Happy Birthday to me!!!


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