School Update

Well, another term has come to an end, and another is about to begin.  Grades went up late Wednesday night so here I am with another school update.

This term I took 2 classes, per my norm, though I am considering taking a third this term.  (Yes I know, glutton for punishment)  It’ll make Christmas break all that much more rewarding don’t you think?  I’ll decide after I see the list of assignments, which I am ashamed to admit I haven’t done yet.  As soon as I’m done writing this, I promise.  Anyway….

Introduction to Computer Security.  Our final, wasn’t much of a final.  It was a lab, a really easy one at that.  I got a 100%, so all 250 points.  My final grade is a 99.09%, so an A.  Fundamentals of Database Systems.  Our final was so easy.  I was almost convinced I had missed something.  It was just that easy.  I am really good with software, front side.  I’m okay with software, backside, but not as good since I learn the code too fast to actually absorb it.  I see SQL is on my schedule of classes, I could have used it this term.  I had to write SQL query code.  Something I’d never done before.  It was an interesting undertaking.  THANK YOU GOOGLE!  The teacher taught a little, but not enough, and not soon enough for me to have in time to turn in my assignment (he had a Sunday night class, but I wanted to work on it earlier in the week).  Anyway, for this class I got a 99.43%.  I really tried to get that last .07%, to make it round to a 100%, but no such luck lol.  I did get a 100% on my final though, so all 250 points.

Next terms courses just popped up.  I was supposed to be taking Intro to Philosophy.  However, it has changed since I received my book notification.  Now my classes for the next term are Systems Analysis, Design, and Integration & Introduction to Ethics. I wonder is this a computer ethics class?  If not, then I’ve already had Ethics and need to call to have that changed.

Well that’s it!  Credit wise, I am 52.7% complete, “graduation” date is February 2017, and I have a 4.00 GPA.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I’ll see you tomorrow!



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