Time For An Upgrade

Today I had lots of errands to run.  I had 14 or 15 items on eBay that came to an end on Saturday night, so I had to pack, print postage, and ship what ended up being 10 packages.  (I had a few people buy more than one item.)  The apartment feels lighter already lol.  I had other things that needed to be done today, including homework, but…

I decided to upgrade my phone.  I still have my 5s, so it’s time for a 6s.  I didn’t want to do AT&T Next, because it just smells like a scam.  I have done the math, it’s cheaper to pay the reduced rate of the phone I want and take the 2 year contract (before they stop offering them).  So off to AT&T I went, because you can only get the 2 year contract option at an AT&T company store.  I immediately regretted this decision.

From the moment I walked through the door I felt like I was being hustled.  The guy was like a bad used car salesman, throwing all these numbers at me, trying to convince me that AT&T Next is the way to go.  That is not what I wanted, I told him when I got there I want to buy it for $399 (plus taxes, blah blah blah) and take the 2 year contract.  He continued to yap and yap and yap.  Finally, frustrated and a little pissed off that he wasn’t listening to me, I said “You know what?  I’ll keep my 5s and you keep the 6s Plus.” and I walked out the door.

Why does it have to be like that?  I understand that AT&T is trying to get away from contract plans.  I get it.  But why are they telling these salesmen to continue pushing even after a customer has explicitly stated that it is not what they want.  I’d rather hold on to my 5s than have to deal with another AT&T (used car) salesman.

So, what phone do you have?  Have you upgraded lately?  How did it go?  What cellphone company does everyone have?  Do you like them?  Maybe it’s time to consider something other than AT&T…. It’s a shame too… I really liked AT&T until today.


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2 thoughts on “Time For An Upgrade

  1. We have ATT and we both have the iPhone 6 Plus. I love it!!! I’ve never felt pushed into anything at the store we go to. I’m sorry that salesman made you feel that way. He was so wrong in doing that.

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