Lucy Update

So yesterday Lucy had an appointment with the Vet.  She’s eating better, she perkier, she feeling better… so I expected her numbers to be better.  She hasn’t lost or gained an ounce.  Which I guess was good, but her numbers are worse… way worse.  Last month they were like 420 something.  This morning they are 540 something.  No clue why.  They want to do an ultrasound, but they want to try her on a new food first.

New food that I needed a prescription for.  I picked up the food from a pet hospital this morning, because Petsmart didn’t have any.  I’m glad to be honest, it was cheaper at the hospital.

I brought it home, because I knew Lucy was hungry and waiting for me.  I plopped it in her bowl.  She was on it.  She took two licks and looked up at me, as if to say “what the?”.  She licked the other side of the food once and stared at it for a minute.  She walked away, came back, stared at it from a different angle, sniffed it, and walked away again.  I came back to my room, and she stood at the end of the counter staring at me like I did something wrong.  She came into the bedroom, hopped up on the ottoman and stared at me, when I neglected to acknowledge her, she climbed up on my bed and stared at me like “where are my nummy nummies?”.  I told her, sorry, that is what the vet told me you have to eat.  I swear she rolled her eyes lol.  She is now napping at the foot of my bed.

Poor hungry little monster… I feel bad for her.  Is there anything worse than your Dr telling you what you have to eat?


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