Spooky Friday Five

In honor of Halloween, which is in about 2 weeks,  I am resurrecting the Friday Five.

  1. Do you believe in ghosts?
  2. Have you ever heard any urban legends?  If so, which one scares you the most?
  3. Have you ever visited a haunted house?
  4. Do you watch scary movies?  If so, which one is your favorite?
  5. What is your biggest fear?

Here’s how it works.  You answer the questions below in the comments.  You can also post the questions to your own blog and answer them there, but make sure you come back and leave the link so people can find your answers.


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23 thoughts on “Spooky Friday Five

  1. Never seen ghosts but it’s there for sure.
    Urban legend, heard it all and none scared me.
    Haunted house? You mean where people fix it up and charge you to go in or the really real haunted house? All righty. I’ll answer both just in case. Yes I have visited the fake haunted house and no never been in a real haunted house.
    I used to watch scary movie before I found the internet. I love scary movie! My favorite? Like it all!
    Biggest fear? OH! A lot of biggest fear I got! Don’t know which is the biggest?

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    1. I guess I could mean the ones you go to for Halloween where they hire people to scare the visitors to the house. There was a “haunted house” supposedly, where I grew up. I always wanted to go in there, but couldn’t get anyone to go with me. I wanted to see for myself if it were actually haunted or just abandoned. I still wonder about that house lol.

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    1. No need to fear death, then you can’t enjoy life. After all, we will all die some day. House of a 1000 Corpses… I don’t think I’ve seen that one. I wonder if it is on Netflix. Thanks for answering the Friday Five Questions. I hope to see you again!

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  2. I do believe in ghosts. I’ve never seen one but I can’t discount the experiences of all the people that have had ghostly encounters.
    I’ve read many urban legends. Strangely enough, I found the one about wallabee sightings here in North America the most scary. I have no idea why!
    I’ve been to a murder house that supposedly was haunted. Nothing happened while I was there.
    I used to watch scary movies. The Ring was the one I found the most scary so I suppose it’s my favorite. I like to watch a few of the Halloween movies every October too.
    My biggest fear is fire. Spiders rate pretty high up there too!

    Your blog looks really cool with that Halloween photo at the top!

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    1. Ghost, yeah. Had a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and when we saw each other again the dude was all first thing he said was,OH, I was in a house and somebody grabbed me from behind and there was no one here. I believed him.
      Wallabe sighting! Thought I heard it all! LOL!
      Murder house! Care to elaborate?
      The Ring! Yes! You right, it’s possibly the scariest!
      Murder house! Care to elaborate?
      Yeah, fire. Pretty scary.

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      1. I followed your link to the Wikipedia article – how bizarre! I had no idea there had been sightings in other countries as well. I’m not sure why I find it so chilling. Maybe because it’s too bizarre to be someone’s imagination, although I guess not if there had been an escaped kangaroo in the area sometime in the past.

        The murder house was a house in my town where a man had murdered his wife. The house was rented out but the first few tenants didn’t stay long and there were rumors of strange happenings. But a couple of years later a girl from my class moved in and her family never experienced anything weird.

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        1. The first few tenants, was it husband and wife who’s relationship was not too good?
          Below is the part from the link above.
          She recalled one of her 2-year-old relatives playing in the basement near the pole where Travis allegedly tied up his victims. She says the girl started crying and looked really scared as if she had seen something, but there was “nobody there.”

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  3. Do not believe in ghosts
    Can’t think of any urban legends. Having a brain fart.
    Never visited a real haunted house. Only one at Halloween.
    I don’t wTch scary movies anymore but loved the Friday the 13th movies years ago.
    My biggest fear is dying in a fire or drowning.

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    1. You know what? I watched those movies too when I was a kid. They were so scary. When I decided to make a day of it on Netflix a couple of years back and rewatched some of those old movies, they were so LAME!!! LOL. It’s amazing what we find scary as a kid.


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