Cats are Hilarious

This morning started along like most do.  It’s nice out so the balcony door is open.  The screen is shut however because the birds have been visiting on a fairly regular basis and I didn’t want another one to get in the house.

Lucy was rolling around on the floor trying to be cute.  This is her way of begging for wet food on a kibble day.  It didn’t work, it never works, but she gives it a good try.  Suddenly….

Lucy hears a noise.  It’s birds.  She does a slow, low crawl to the door to get a better look.  With every step closer she gets a little slower and I notice her tail is starting to get bigger and bigger as the fur is starting to rise on end.  She gets within a birds eye view of the door, no pun intended, and she suddenly darts behind the curtain.  Here she watches the bird until she is ready to pounce.  I blinked, she pounced, and BAM!, she hits the screen.


The bird takes off, Lucy looks back at me like, I meant to do that, as I laugh my ass off.


Now she sits behind the curtain, listening, waiting.  She’s a hoot.  Thought I’d share.  Anyway… I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning.  Mines is starting to look up, that’s for sure.  BFN!


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