Good Afternoon

Yes I know I am a little late today, but it has been a very busy day.

I got up as normal, dropped Andre off at school and Lucy off at the vet.  She had a teeth cleaning appointment today.  I came home, did some light cleaning then headed out because I needed to return something to Target and hit up the local TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods in search of storage bins.  I am reorganizing the linen closet.  The only space that I’ve had minimal luck with.

My plan was also to go to Lane Bryant because there was a blouse I wanted to try on that I saw on the website.  Anyway…

I got a call while at TJMaxx, Lucy’s blood work shows that her liver enzymes are really high.  The last time I took her in a few months ago they were also high, but the Dr thought maybe they’d correct themselves.  They didn’t, and now they are up over 400.  Not sure what they are supposed to be.  She talked a lot and I never got the question out.  Anyway…

We decided to test her thyroid and her pancreas to see if that were the sources of the issue.  Both test came back slightly elevated, but nothing the vet seemed to be overly concerned with.  She put her on a daily pill, for the next 30 days, to see if her levels go down.  If they don’t I guess she’ll keep her on these pills, if not then she said there are other tests she would want to run.

I bought a pill gun and brought Lucy home.  I got home, loaded the pill gun, eased Lucy out of her kennel and shot her.  It was all very enjoyable on my part.  She looked like if she could kill me she would have taken great joy in my slow agonizing death.  Anyway, the pill gun was a success.  One shot, one kill.  (so to speak).  I highly recommend it.

Anyway, positive thoughts coming Lucy’s way would be greatly appreciated.

So that is my day in a nutshell.  How is your day going?  Do anything you’d care to share?


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