The Morning Commute

When I take Dre to school in the morning I have 3 options on the direction I choose to take.  I choose to take the shortcut, which means taking the highway rather than a having to deal with traffic lights.  The problem with taking the highway is, there is opposition traffic trying to merge into I-95.  There are 3 lanes at the bottom of the on ramp.  Two for the West bound highway I need to get to and a third which leads to the North and South bound lanes for I-95.  I have to cross over the 95 back up in the morning to get Andre to school.  Always fun.  This morning was no exception.

This morning, there was an accident.  You could see it as you were coming down the ramp.  Looks like someone was trying to take a shortcut down the shoulder trying to get to I-95.  Someone pulled out in front of them, and well you can figure out the rest.  It was a mess of snarled traffic, crumpled vehicles, and cops.  People don’t like to let you cross the lane of traffic on a good morning, this morning everyone was extra diligent.

I’ve been teaching Andre, from my driving perspective, certain rules of driving.  One rule I’ve enforced (apparently) is not to cross a solid line.  This morning I crossed over the solid white line (and the rumble strip) in order to get into traffic.  First thing he did was call me out on it.  I was kinda proud actually.  Then I explained I had to go when I saw a chance lol.  He knows it’s not a normal occurrence.

Highway traffic was also backed up because everyone passing by wanted to get a look at what the 3 cops were doing.  Nosey bastards.  Luckily, the second we passed the accident everyone sped up and I was back on track to drop Dre off at school.

Driving in Maryland is a challenge in its own right because everyone is in a rush, all the time, and they don’t care what happens to the people around them as long as they get where they need to go.  That morning commute is not for the faint of heart.  Andre was telling me that he is scared of the other cars.  I said, if there is fear in your heart, you don’t need to drive.  You need to accept that there are other people on the road, and drive anyway.  I focus on the road, and I try to be aware of the cars around me.  You have to be prepared for people cutting you off and driving like idiots.  But you can’t be afraid of it.

When time comes, and he is ready to drive, I’ll ensure he takes a defensive driving course.  No matter where he ends up, it’ll be money well spent.  I wish I had taken one.  I had to learn the hard way how to drive defensively.

So here’s today’s question:

Why do people slow to look at an accident, rather than continue driving on which could potentially prevent another one from happening?

Have a great day everyone!  BFN!


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13 thoughts on “The Morning Commute

          1. Yeah, had a female tenant that lived in the same building as me who jumped off the roof. I had to clean up what the firemen missed and lordy all those people coming to look at the building so I went, yep, this right here is where she go splat, her brain slid across the road. Look at the trail of grease from her brain sliding across the road. Come look at the grease stain on the sidewalk, you can see the shape of a human figure on the sidewalk, come here look at the wall, the ants are having a picnic making a 2 way traffic one goes up other goes done. Yeah, I was pissed! I thought about charging them 5 dollars for the tour!


              1. YUP! Also there’s people who live here who’s ill you know. Everytime an ambulance comes some people here would run down to the lobby and gawk. One day I got so fed up I told them go fucking away, give them some privacy, you ghoul!


  1. In other words, why are people so nosy? Lol I don’t know, I’ve always wondered this too! When drivers take their eyes off of what’s in front of them and look to their left or right to get a glimpse of the aftermath, that’s dangerous. These individuals are bound to cause an accident because they’re so damn nosy.

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    1. I know! People are so damn nosey! Every time you look away from the road you put yourself and others in danger. Whether you are looking down at your phone or over at an accident your eyes aren’t where they need to be. Not to mention what their need to be nosey does to the traffic behind them lol.

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      1. It’s crazy because as soon as you pass the incident, things start to pick up again. That makes it clear as days as to what was causing all the traffic in the first place lol

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        1. Exactly! I think the worst I’ve ever seen was once when I was in NY visiting family. I was stuck on a bridge and traffic was at a crawl. When I finally got to the hold up, there was like no traffic on the other side of it. Ridiculous.


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