Good Morning

I know it’s almost noon, but this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down.  It has been a busy morning so far.  I was woken at 7:30am by William and I’ve been going every since until this moment.

I got my allergy shot.

I went to the commissary.

I got my gas for the week… Have you noticed how much the price of gas has gone down?  I am actually buying supreme gas again.  My car sounds better for it.

I came home, took out the garbage, made myself a quick breakfast.  Now here I sit, in front of the tv, watching Supernatural.  (and blogging of course)

It was a very productive morning.  Tomorrow, when Andre goes back to school, I’ll go to Wegmans and get my weekly supply of yogurt and I won’t need to go out again other than to take him back and forth to school.

Speaking of which, I wish that kid would catch the bus.

This is the last week of the semester, after which I will be off until October 2nd.  The plan is to knock out all of my math assignments tomorrow and then use Wednesday or Thursday to write my final Science Lab Report.  That way I can have some extra time off before the new semester starts.

I feel good… have I mentioned that lately?  I do.  I feel really really good.  My mind is clear, my energy level is up, the fog has lifted, the funk is gone, and I feel good.  I love feeling like this.

So, how are you feeling today?


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7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I went to work. First day back after vacation. Ugh!! None of my work was done while I was gone. Job security, I guess. Over to Meijer in Howell for my mom, then dropped the items off to Mom and Dad. Over to the Brighton Meijer for slippers that the other store doesn’t carry. To the bank, picked up softener salt, got the car washed, and finally home.


        1. I get that, I don’t like the heat and humidity of summer. We didn’t have much humidity when I lived in Colorado so the heat was almost tolerable. But here on the East coast… not so much. So I tend to spend the summers indoors. Saturday it was raining and kind of chilly here in Maryland. Yesterday and today the temps have been in the 70’s, so my windows are open. I’m very happy about that.


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