Christmas Shopping

The Christmas shopping season is officially upon us.  I start Christmas shopping in September, in case you are wondering.  Therefore, Christmas lists are due in September.  Andre wasn’t playing any games this year, I got his list, which he texted to me, on Saturday morning.  Now I am waiting for my husband’s list.

That could take a while.  Every year, he’s the last one to give up a list.

Late last year I saw something on Facebook.  It was a 52-week savings plan to help you save money for Christmas.  I think the end goal was to save $1300+.  You were supposed to save the amount of each week, I said that weird.  Okay, like week 1, you’d save $1… this would continue until you got to week 52, where you’d save $52.  I tweaked it a bit, because I knew I wouldn’t have the focus to keep it up, so I needed to make it Sunshine friendly.

So, Instead I opted to set up an automatic draft with my bank where every 2 weeks, $40 was moved from the checking account a the savings account (that we typically only use for special occasions anyway).  The way I figured it, not including interest, I’ll have about $1040.  Probably what I’d spend for Christmas anyway, depending on the contents of everyone’s Christmas list.  Maybe a little more, maybe a little less, but I’m good at hunting out deals, so it should be more than adequate.

I don’t have a Christmas list this year, because no one is here to buy me Christmas presents lol.  Andre’s list is video games, as usual.  Though I am considering trying to get my hands on a SNES if I can find one at a decent price, for him.  I think he’d really enjoy it… I know I would.  I loved the SNES.  I’ve been stalking eBay, but it’s hard to know the exact condition of things on there.  Anyway…  William won’t want Christmas presents, but I’ll send him something from both of us anyway, and keep the rest here in his closet for when he gets home.

So what is tradition at your house for Christmas shopping?  Do you start early?  Do you shop throughout the year?  Or do you wait for Black Friday, which is the traditional beginning of the Christmas Shopping season?  Leave me a comment and let me know.



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5 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping

  1. We use to shop early but no that the kids are grown, we wait until December to shop. Now with Grace being here, who knows what we will do!!
    What would you put on your list, Sunshine?


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