Today’s the Day

I have one assignment left undone.  It’s due on Monday, I’ll work on it tomorrow.  Today I am packing up some of my purses in storage, and going through them to decide which ones I am willing to part with.  Living in an apartment, space is at a premium. I cleaned out William’s closet when he left and now I’m jealous lol.  My closet just looks so cluttered in comparison to his and it’s because I have like 30 (give or take) purses lining the top shelf of my closet.

It wouldn’t be a problem if I used them on a regular basis, but lately I haven’t been carrying a purse.  I’ve just been shoving my wallet in my pocket and taking off.  Especially during the winter months.  I have some favorites that I could never part with.  Or at least never sell.  I wouldn’t be opposed to giving a few to my youngest niece.  They are smaller and would be perfect for her. However you slice it… it’s time for a purge.  What do you think?


This is the storage bin (tuff box) that I wrestled out of our storage area for the purpose of packing up my purses… It’s not big enough to contain them without flattening them.  How did I ever move them out here?  *sigh*

Okay, that’s all for today.  I have my work cut out for me.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday.  Or at least a productive one 🙂  BFN!


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4 thoughts on “Today’s the Day

  1. I had a lot of handbags, too! Now that we are starting our master bedroom room addition, I have been cleaning and giving stuff away! I got rid of 20+ handbags of all shapes and sizes. Nice tax write off! I kept all my coach bags 🙂 Good luck!


    1. See that’s the hitch in the gitty up… I’ve got 4 Dooney bags and the rest are all Coach. So if I were to give away the Dooney’s, which are currently sitting in my lap as I type this, and keep the Coach bags, I’d still have a closet packed to the gills lol. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂 !

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