My Week at a Glance


This week kicked off the new school year for my son.  So far no complaints.  He likes his Honors Math Analysis and Physics classes.  Of course he is already complaining about having to take PE, being the potato that he is lol.  He likes being the smartest kid in his math class lol.  He’s been coming home bragging about being the only person that knows the answers when the teacher gives them problems.  I told him, “good then that means I can expect A’s then right?”  lol  (crickets)

I took my son to pick up his new glasses on Tuesday.  I got new glasses a couple of  months ago.  I had mentioned to the girl that I wasn’t going to buy two sets of glasses anymore because this time I ended up with a pair that I really couldn’t see out of so I flung them in a drawer.  She said, “you know, you can take them back?” I said it’s been like almost 3 months, she said that it shouldn’t be a problem. So when I got home, and settled I decided to call the other shop that I went to across town.  They led me to believe that I could bring them back, but that I would have to wait until my salesperson was at work to do it.  “Because it would affect her commission”.  Did you know that the people that work at places like Visionworks make commission?  I had no clue… but that explains the prices.  I won’t be using them anymore now that I know that.  Anyway…

I took my glasses in after 11 on yesterday, like they asked.  To be told, oh, no, you can’t return them, it has to be done within 30 days.  Her manager told me I was good, so I am thinking she blocked me because she didn’t want to potentially lose money from her next check.  Understandable, but I do hate liars.  Anyway…. I explained to her that I couldn’t see, tried to explain, horribly, what it was like to look through those glasses, and she decided to take them in the back to verify the script.  Apparently I couldn’t see because the Axis was off.  Like way off.  So they are redoing them for me.  Apparently the ones that I opted to wear are off as well, but not as badly.  So they will redo those when the others come back.  I told her that I can see way better out of my sunglasses that I had made on than I can out of my actual glasses.

I got my Ray Bans from because the prescription lenses were free.  They were cheaper than my glasses, because all I had to pay for were the frames.  And it doesn’t hurt that I look awesome in them.  Next year I am just going to go through for my glasses too.  I feel like I’ve been taken advantage of using places like Visionworks because they are making a commission on a product that I need, not a product that I want.  That’s dirty and I won’t be using them again.

Nothing else has really happened this week.  School is going okay.  Yesterday I was horribly sleep deprived with an assignment due at the end of the day, so I had to make a run to Starbucks to render myself functional.  I don’t really drink caffeinated drinks anymore.  So that Grande Caramel Frap with 2 shots of espresso, hit me like a shot of adrenaline.  It was nice.  I got so much done lol.  I even managed to absorb the information I was reading better.  Damn I missed coffee lol.

Okay, so that is pretty much it.  I hope everyone has been having a wonderful week so far.  What have you been up to?  Leave me a comment and let me know!  See you tomorrow…


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One thought on “My Week at a Glance

  1. I’ve been working and taking care of the pups til Sam and Josh get back with my grandbaby! Lol. Scott says he will be home Saturday for 16 days but I have not heard any details as to times, flight number, etc. had a banner made for him for when he gets home. Can’t wait to see him!!

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