Frustrated Friday

So my realtor gave me the wrong closing amount.  She shot me a text before she sent me the paperwork.  I wired the amount she told me to wire and not the actual amount on the settlement paperwork and now the lawyer is saying I didn’t wire the money.  The wire went through, I told him the amount I actually sent (which was $100 more than what was on my settlement paperwork) and he said he’d call me back and let me know what he found.  That was yesterday.  I haven’t heard a peep.  How do any of these people get any work done?


For now, I am going to stare at this photo and think happy thoughts.  I’m so tired of dealing with this craziness….


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8 thoughts on “Frustrated Friday

  1. Yuck. Closing on home loans is the worst. I do not know you, but rest assured that I’m sending you many good vibes in the hopes that you get to remedy the situation soon. I bought my home six years ago and all the paperwork still haunts me.

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    1. We bought our home 16 years ago. We just sold it. I had an incredibly incompetent team of people getting me to the goal line. Luckily for me, it’s finally over! I got confirmation a few hours ago that the sale has finally recorded and this nightmare is finally over. I do have to say though, all the paperwork you get when you sell a house is nothing compared to the paperwork you have to sign when you buy it. I too still remember it. Especially since I had to sign for the both of us since my husband was stationed in Korea at the time. So I bought and sold this house via power of attorney.


      1. I’m surprised there was enough ink in one pen to get through the number of times you must’ve had to sign. Congrats though on the successful sale of your home, in spite of the incompetent road blocks sitting in your way!

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