All Caught Up

DSC_0056Good morning!  I am all caught up on my homework.  I dedicated yesterday to school.  I had three assignments that had to be posted by yesterday.  2 discussions and 1 determine knowledge, all of which were for Discrete Mathematics.  Let me just say, this math class is a little like learning a foreign language.  I know math… this ain’t math lol.  My discussions were easy.  One was just an introduction and the other one was programming based.  Pretty simple.  I currently have an 85% on my determine knowledge because I was already pretty confused after all the practice work.  Then you throw a bunch of questions at me (why do they have to word the questions so strangely) and I’m in the weeds.  So yes, right now it’s an 85%, I’ll pull that back up today.

My math instructor is about as interesting as watching mud dry.  I went to his first class, and I yawned so much that I damn near fell asleep.  I have no idea what he was talking about.  I skipped the second class.  My science instructor is awesome.  I went to his class yesterday evening.  He only meets once a week.  I’ll definitely be going back… If I remember lol.

So that’s it.  No news about the house.  As far as I know it’s all done.  However, I’ve been told I can’t cancel the utilities and such until it’s been recorded and I haven’t gotten verification of that as of yet.  I have to admit though, even though that I am still paying for insurance, utilities, etc on that house, I feel lighter just knowing that someone else owns it.  I loved that house once.  It was our first home.  But over the last few years it just became more of a burden than anything else.  I’m happy to (almost) have it off of my plate entirely.

That’s it!  I hope you enjoyed the photo, since I didn’t do the Wordless Wednesday yesterday.  Have a wonderful day guys and I’ll see you tomorrow.  BFN!


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