Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Okay, maybe not a witch, but close enough :).

Back in December we put our North Carolina house up for sale.  We’d had a long run of bad tenants and I was done.  Some people just have no respect for things that aren’t theirs.  You know what I mean?  Anyway…

I spoke to a broker friend of mines and she listed the house for us.  We priced the house to sell.  Much below what it was worth (in my opinion).  The house sat on the market.  We had a lot views, but no serious bites until April.  The first person that put in an offer for the house under cut us by almost $10,000.  I counter offered and they left the table.  I didn’t worry about it, the market was just starting to heat up.  A couple of months later two more offers came in at the same time.  I chose one and counter offered.  They accepted and we had a deal, as well as a July 23rd closing date.  Keep that in mind.

The day the deal was accepted, I contacted the utility companies and had the utilities turned on at the house in North Carolina. Or at least I thought I had.  I told my realtor to go by the house and ensure that:

a) the power was on

b) the fridge door was closed

c) the AC wasn’t running

She assured me that she would indeed handle those items and that was the end of it.  Or so I thought.  I tried to get in touch with her the very next day and couldn’t reach her.  Then I spoke to another broker in her office to find out she was on a 2 week vacation to Honduras.  Well hell. Keep in mind, she didn’t do the three things I asked of her before she left.

She comes back off vacation and the inspection just days away.  The inspector goes to the house to find that the utilities are not on.  😐  She calls me and flips out on me because I didn’t do what I was supposed to do.  No, I did exactly what I was supposed to do.  Did you go by the house and do what I asked of you? to which her response was “Sorry Lady, I can’t hear you, let me call you back.”  She didn’t call back.

I was LIVID.  But there was nothing I could do.  I contacted the electric company again, at which point to notified me that I needed to have a city inspector go out to the house before they could turn the electricity back on.  “Why couldn’t you have told me that on June 12th when I called you?” to which they replied, “Oh, it’s not policy to tell you that, your realtor is supposed to tell you if your power is off for 6 months that an inspector has to go out before it can be turned back on.”  No such luck.  Inspections, electricians, permits, inspections and about a week later, we are finally back on track.  The power was on, the water was on, the gas company is being a pain in the ass, because they can’t figure out how to get in the house.  But eventually even the gas is back on.

We get inspected, we get burned.  (this is where having tenants in the house really screwed us over.  They did a lot of damage that no one told us about.)  The buyers are reasonable people.  They decide to split the list with us.  I have someone go in to do my side of the list and then, he has to go to Puerto Rico.  His Grandma has died.  He has to finish the work when he returns the next week.

The title didn’t come back clean.  Apparently the city assessed me $5000 because they are running sewer lines through that neighborhood (at some point) and I have to pay that before we can close.  Fine…

Needless to say, we are pretty well past July 23rd by this point.  It’s August 4th.  My handy man is out of the country and the work isn’t complete when the appraiser goes out.  He gives us a list, most of which I am already doing.  We send another guy out to do the two new items on the list.  Then the appraiser goes out again.  Apparently he goes out on the day he is due to go on vacation.  So he comes back with, the house isn’t ready, blah blah blah… oh and BTW, you need to do this too.  He goes off on vacation on the 11th, the new closing is on the 15th, we don’t have a value, so no closing.

Another appraiser went out there on Monday, the 17th of August.  My handyman (the one that went to Puerto Rico) met him at the house as a favor to me and he signed off on everything.  I don’t know the value of the house, I don’t care.

Yesterday we closed.  I got the wire information in the morning.  I wired the money necessary to pay off the lien.  Which wasn’t much considering how much we were due back from the sale.  I got the paperwork signed and notarized.  (Is there anything worse than signing paperwork by POA.)  It has been overnighted to North Carolina.  The buyers also had their closing yesterday.  Hopefully the sale will be recorded today and I’ll be FREE!!!!

This has been a rough couple of months.  Who am I lying to, it’s been a rough couple of years having to carry that house.  God knows we haven’t made a dime on it in a while and it’s been sitting empty for almost a year.  I’m so happy to have this over and done with.  I hope that the house brings much happiness to the new owners.  Rental houses go down hill very quickly.  At least now it has someone to take care of it again.

Here’s my advice at the end of all of this.  If you have to relocate, sell your house.  Don’t rent it out thinking it could be a source of income and don’t wait to sell it after you’ve already moved away.  People take advantage of the fact that you aren’t around (including the city, which doubled our taxes the second we moved) and will tell you anything to make you happy.

Well, that was my biggest source of stress this summer.  I’m glad to have it behind me.  Especially since I’ve been unable to work on schoolwork this week and I have 3 assignments due today… oh what joy.  Y’all have a wonderful day and I’ll see you tomorrow.  BFN!


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6 thoughts on “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

  1. Congratulations, I do so hope the sale is now finalized! I feel your pain though – I went through something very similar with our property back in Australia. We (wrongly) assumed the quality of the house would reflect on the quality of the tenants but at the end of the day, it wasn’t their house, we weren’t in the country, so nobody cared. I just wanted it out of my life but Hubby hung on by his finger-tips (for reasons known only to himself). It took a lot of repair bills before he agreed to sell but selling was a slow process and like yourself, there was always something causing the settlement date to be moved.

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    1. Yeah, my husband was quite sentimental about the house, since it was our first house together. However, once I notified him that our savings were almost bare and we’d dropped $10,000 in repairs in one year he didn’t say squat. I arranged to have the house listed and simply slide the paperwork across the table for him to sign. There was no discussion. He signed the papers and that was that. Yesterday I notified him that it was done and he got all sentimental again. I said, it’s time for her to be someone else’s first house. He agreed. It’s been a rough road. Now I can heal my wounded savings account.

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    1. She’ll get paid. She was talking about it in the week leading up to the (new) closing date. I wish I could have kept her from seeing one red cent because she didn’t actually start working until I sent my husband to her office. Some friend!


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