Good Morning

Have I ever mentioned that I hate school.  Well, just in case… I HATE school.  Typically I take my classes as they hand them to me.  This semester I couldn’t do that.  My stress levels are too high to deal with two heavy classes.  So I wused out over the weekend and changed one of my classes to a science lab.  (Don’t judge me, my initial thought was to drop this term altogether.)  I’m still taking the discrete mathematics and statistics class, but I ditched database class for now.  I want to be able to focus on the math class, and with Andre heading back to school next week (my baby is a senior), I need time to adjust back to our daily routine.  Which unfortunately still includes me taking him back and forth to school.

Andre was supposed to do drivers education and get his permit this summer.  I couldn’t get him behind that idea.  I got him the drivers manual from the DMV and told him to start studying, he never took it off of the table.  I kept nagging him about it, and he keeps saying he’s not ready to drive yet.  That the drivers here scare him.  I couldn’t argue with that, they scare me, and I’ve been driving for 18 years!  So I let it go.  He’s gonna have to catch the bus next year when he starts college… OMG my baby will be in college next year!  I’m so not ready.

Okay, that’s it for today.  Sorry that this post is going up a little late.  I had nothing worth saying when I woke up this morning.  Have a great day everyone!  BFN.


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3 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Hey as long as you’re still in school, that’s all that matters! Hopefully he comes around with that whole driving idea. Drivers may scare you but it isn’t a great idea to drive scared. I’m sure that’s how accidents happen!

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      1. Good idea! Soon he’ll realize how much more convenient it would be if he drove instead of waiting on public transportation.


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