Advances in Technology – Deployment Edition

In 2007 if you wanted to chat or video chat, you had to have a messenger through companies like Yahoo or MSN.  They were horrible, they were slow, they would freeze, that is if they worked at all.  If you had a loved one that was away; away as in on the other side of the world, not just a state or two over, your communications options were kind of skimpy.  Snail mail was slow as… well a snail.  Phone calls were one way only, so you’d have to wait for your loved one to call you, and sometimes those calls were few and far between.  Which leaves email.

Now, I loved hearing from my husband, no matter whichever avenue that line of communication may have come through, but email was not high on the list.  My husband writes like a toddler.  Love him, but it’s true.  His emails are worse than his hand written letters (not that I could read those easily either, his handwriting could put any MD to shame).  Why were the emails worse you say?  Because he would befuddle the poor spell check to the point that it was simply guessing at what he was trying to say… and it was like reading a letter from a person that just learned English.  His emails could consist of 3 lines (of which there was minimal punctuation) and it would still take you at least 10 minutes to read it lol.

It’s 2015… that hasn’t changed much.

Today, the options are practically limitless.  No more dragging big bulky laptops and all its cables and peripherals all over the world.  You can stay in touch with your family with smartphones and tablets.  Even without the benefit of cellular service you can place phone calls, chat, and see your loved one through apps with the radio waves that are free-floating through the air and captured by your device (WiFi).

Since my husband has been gone, we’ve texted, FaceTimed, and he’s sent me one pretty bad 4 sentence email that probably took me a good 5 minutes to decipher lol.  Advances in technology make it very easy to stay in touch with a loved one that is on the other side of the world.  Gone are the days of being glued to your computer to ensure you didn’t miss your loved one getting online.  Or refusing to leave the house, because you knew the second you left home, they’d call and you’d miss it.  Now a phone call, text message, an email, or a video chat can find you anywhere in the world through devices you can shove in your back pocket.  How wonderful is that?

I can honestly say, the fact that I can send my husband a text is already doing wonders for this deployment.  Especially since texting tends to be my go to form of communication anyway.  Once or twice a day, if we don’t feel like texting, video chat is also an option.  So I can see with my very own eyes that he is okay, and he can do the same.  Yep, technology has come a long way since his last deployment in 2007.  It doesn’t make up for the fact that he is not here, but it sure does help.


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8 thoughts on “Advances in Technology – Deployment Edition

  1. I work away from home a fair bit at times and what a different Skype or similar has made to our lives! Its so much nicer than a phonecall. We’ll often have dinner “together” in our respective cities and chat about our day. Love it!

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    1. We haven’t tried Skype yet… I have used it in the past, but not recently. I agree, video chats are nicer than phone calls. I hate phone calls lol. There are only a handful of people that can even get me to answer the phone when they call.

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