School Update

Today is the first day of the 4th week of this term.  Terms, in case you don’t remember, are 5 1/2 weeks long.  So I am almost done with this term.  Last night I turned in my week 3 individual project, which isn’t technically due until tonight.

I’m taking Intro to Algebra.  The class is easy really.  My problem is that they give you so much practice work, some of which will be on the test, most of which is not.  Then when I get to the test I’m pretty turned around.  Today is math day!  I will be doing my practice work when I get done with this blog and will be ready to take my test this afternoon.  We don’t have a lot of work, no discussions, no individual projects.  Just the practice and the test.  We have 2 classes a week, I’ve been to one (actually half of one) the teacher was boring (so very boring).  Anyway, my grade is currently a 97%.

My other class is Intro to Programming Logic.  This class is also pretty easy.  It’s like a refresher to the C Programming class I took at my old school.  We have to read, then we have an interactive learning node, with tests.  We also have an individual project due by Monday (which is what I turned in last night).  This class is mostly focused on writing pseudocode and then diagramming that pseudocode.  I didn’t do a lot of diagrams when I took C Programming, so week 4’s homework should be interesting.  I get the gist of it, so maybe it’ll be easier than I am anticipating.  We have 2 classes a week, I go to one a week.  The Instructor is nice and helpful and she ensures that you understand before moving on to the next subject.  My grade is currently a 98%.

Next term starts on 16 August.  If nothing changes I will be taking Applications of Discrete Mathematics and Statistics and Fundamentals of Database Systems.  I was supposed to be taking a science lab (environmental science), but it seems they’ve moved it further down the list.  Not that I am complaining.

Well, time for me to get moving.  Things to do, don’t ya know.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Don’t forget to leave a comment, even if you just say hi.  🙂  BFN!


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15 thoughts on “School Update

          1. I missed a calculation or two and it threw off my whole score. The text and lectures weren’t helpful at all so I’m not too concerned but it definitely stings lol

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              1. Screw that. I don’t proofread anything lol plus, I had no idea what I was doing. The formulas we were provided were for everything but the task at hand.

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                  1. I hate writing something and then having to go back to edit it. I only do that unless it is absolutely necessary. I know it’s bad of me but that’s what I do and I’ve gotten along fine 🙂

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