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Can you believe it?  It’s almost July.  Tomorrow is the first day of July.  We are more than halfway through 2015.  Where did the time go?  It seems like just a couple of months ago I was freezing my tukhus off.  Now school is out (for my son) for the summer, and I am trying to figure out whether or not we will take a vacation before he goes back.  I’m leaning towards no.  There is just a lot going on this summer and I’m not sure that we will be able to go away to do anything.  We might have to settle for a staycation.  If my son had it his way, my husband and I would leave him home for a weekend so he could walk around naked lol.  I swear, that is what he said.  I told him that he is not allowed to sit his naked ass on my couch and that was the end of that conversation lol.

I have a couple of more days before the beginning of the next semester & my 3rd term at this school.  These 5 1/2 week classes zoom right by.  I am going to take full advantage of not having to be doing something by doing almost absolutely nothing lol.

Sunday my husband and I went to Brookside.  Mostly just to get out of the house.  The photo above is one of the photos I took.  I miss the tulips already, but the rose garden is really starting to fill out.  By my next trip over there that rose garden is going to be really beautiful.  My next trip, in case you are wondering, probably won’t be until September or October.  I am, however, going to attempt to make another trip to Cylburn Arboretum between now and then.  So probably in another 6 weeks or so.  I don’t really have time to focus on my camera while I am in school.  I wish I did.  I find heading out with the camera really helps keep the stress levels down.  That said, going out for a couple of hours of photography when I could be knocking out homework would probably add to my stress rather than take it away.

I’m rambling…

It’s still early, and apparently my brain is firing on all pistons.  So I will spare you any more rambling and go read a book instead.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week thus far.  Post in the comments and let me know how your week is going.  That said….



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