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That’s right!  The Question of the Day is back! Some of the questions are a little more controversial than they were in the past… I am hoping that gets some people’s dander up making it impossible for them NOT to comment.  As always, if you have a question that you’d like to see here as part of the QOTD, send it to me at TheeDailyBlabber@gmail.com.

Does a woman have to serve her man?  Should a woman fix a man’s plate both in public and at home?  For that matter does she have to serve up sex whenever and wherever he wants it?  

As always post your comments below.  Lets get this conversation started, shall we?

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12 thoughts on “QOTD – Submission

  1. No to all 3. Its a partnership – so share the load. My partner cooks most of the meals in our house, he’s just a better cook. I do most of the grocery shopping and we share the chores. In our particular situation, I also work much longer hours than my partner, often 20 or more hours a week more than he does. The housework better be done and my meal ready when I get home! (just kidding about that last bit 🙂 )

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    1. I agree with you 100%, it is a partnership. We split most chores. I wash and dry he puts away. He does the sweeping and steaming, I do the vacuuming and carpet cleaning. We share the cooking, even though I’m better at it. The only chore we don’t really share is the bathroom. I HATE cleaning the bathroom, and typically will only do it if he is away. Thanks for taking the time to answer this weeks QOTD!

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    1. I agree Beth, it should be equal both ways, but I find that even now in the 21st Century not all people feel that way. I was watching a show the other day where the man had the nerve to say that his wife’s job was to keep the house clean and have his meals cooked when he got home from work. Though on some level I agree with that, I don’t feel like she should have been waiting on her husband hand and foot simply because he felt vacuuming was beneath him. He actually said vacuuming was women’s work.


  2. My man is fixing my plate for me! And cutting my food up as I’m without the use of my right arm for a bit. We laugh about it, as though I’m a toddler, but I have to say it’s rather nice to be waited on.

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      1. I really don’t know. Wish I did. It hurts like the devil today. And himself is getting fed up too. Can’t blame him. He’s awfully busy while I sit around. We need staff!


        1. LOL, I get the need for staff. Sorry to hear about your arm though. I thought they would have been you an expiration date by now for sure. As far as the household stuff, do what you can and he’ll just have to understand that it isn’t forever, even if it feels like forever.


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